Singed ft trollvictor duomid commentary

by strawhatbro on November 5, 2012

in Commentary High Elo, Insight

Finally a new play by play by strawhatbro!

So yesterday I played some soloqueue on my way to high elo (first steppingstone 2k elo!) and got queued with trolls without anyone dodging. As the singedplayer I am, I decide to carry the game and MAKE DA PLAYZ.
Running up toplane I realize im up against a skarner and have to carry vs a champ that can kite the heck out of me. GL STRAWHATBRO. See how I try to make my team pay attention to the minimap and get in the fray to tank it out!

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Blue team: Amumu: MAOLISK
Vladimir: Ayanotia
Skarner: Fishêr
Vayne: Bubnik2
Nunu: 5thDeathsquad

Purple team: Singed: strawhatbro
Lee Sin: Yumai
Sivir: Bubikopf
Heimerdinger: WebOne SkeudoN
Vladimir: zixouuBOT

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